• James – Chair

    James lives in Glasgow, working in Public Affairs in the charity sector. He previously worked in the UK Parliament for a Secretary of State and grew up in the Shetland Islands. He chaired the Shetland Skatepark Association from 2011 to 2012 and helped deliver a £214,000 skatepark facility to the Isles.

    He founded GWGUK and was elected as Chair at the first AGM in 2014.

  • Richard Thurbon

    Rich – Secretary

    Richard lives in Croydon, London. He works as a Procurement Manager in Technology Insurance and has a keen interest in gaming. He also helps as Secretary to Coulsdon Yulefest, a large Christmas festival based in London.

    Richard was elected as secretary at the 2017 AGM.

  • Stuart Latarche

    Stuart – Treasurer

    Stuart lives in Southend, Essex. He is a music tech graduate and works as a Quality Assurance Admin for a music exam board but has a real love for retro gaming. He also writes, primarily about games, for a website called The Unheard Nerd.