What we do

Get-Well Gamers is a registered Scottish charity dedicated to bringing electronic entertainment to children’s hospitals, hospices and other facilities for the benefit of entertainment and pain relief.

We admire the fantastic work that play specialists and play services do in helping children stay positive through their treatment and recovery. We want to support them by bringing them video games, consoles and accessories.

The games and consoles we provide are kindly donated by members of the public.

We accept any kind of gaming equipment

We accept all video games, consoles, accessories, laptops and tablet devices if they are in a working and safe condition. It’s important with the nature of the environments that the donations are placed in that they are as safe and clean as possible. We don’t currently accept Guitar Hero/Rock Band sets and Wii-Fit boards due to storage constraints, Wii consoles or Wii accessories.

Even 18-rated games?

Although the majority of the patients who benefit from our donations are 12 and under, we are connected with a number of wards and organisations that admin young people up to the age of 25. Examples of these include teenage cancer wards. These places are more than happy to accept appropriately-rated games for their patients.

What about this old retro gear that I have?

Retro gear is definitely welcome and has a different kind of benefit to us. We use retro consoles for fundraising events (Mario Kart 64 tournament in a bar, as an example), and we auction off items to raise funds for the charity. A good example of the latter is a rare Gamecube game that was donated to us which we were able to sell for £50. That single game sale helped us fund eight separate hospital donations. In our view, that is a fantastic outcome for any donor sending us their retro equipment.

How to donate

You’ve made an excellent choice! Head on over to our donate page and fill out the form detailing what you want to donate to us and we will be in touch with details on how to post your donation to our storage facility in Glasgow.

What happens next

Once we have received your donated goods, the Get-Well Gamers team tests all equipment to make sure that it is in working order. This testing will check if the donated equipment is working and if game disks play without problems on our consoles.

Once the equipment or games have been given the all clear, we check our request list and get items out to the hospitals or medical facilities. Please note that due to it being increasingly harder to place older consoles and their games, these get traded in or sold to buy items that are in high demand or have been specifically requested. 

I’m a streamer, how can I get involved?

Here at Get Well Gamers we love charity streamers! We have our own Twitch channel GetWellGamersUK and run regular fundraising events throughout the year. We still need help from other content creators though, so if you want to raise money for us through your own channel, get in touch by filling out the form on the streaming section of our website.