Current Openings

If you are interested in any of these positions, please get in touch at hello@getwellgamers.org.uk. If we don’t have anything currently that suits you, please check back soon.

All roles except Vault Team Members are home based, therefore hours are completely flexible. All roles will be required to use Slack to keep in contact with the rest of the team and while there are no official minimum hours, we will require you to be an active member of the team so please consider this before applying.

Vault Team Member

We are looking for trustworthy, reliable and friendly people to join our vault team in Glasgow!

What you’ll be doing:

  • Dealing with incoming donations – Unboxing, sorting, evaluating condition/quality/suitability, storing.
  • Fulfilling outgoing donations – Reviewing request list, parceling up, labelling, sending out.
  • Organising and tidying items within the vault
  • Communicating with other volunteers to highlight any issues/ask questions/highlight any major donations
  • Passing any contact requests to the relevant volunteers (ie. “please email me when this has been received)
  • Potentially supporting with “in person” donations or events in the Glasgow area (optional & will require DBS check)

What you’ll need:

  • Organisation skills – Both organising your time and organising/tidying within the vault
  • Able to work on your own initiative.
  • Ability to follow procedures for inventory keeping etc.
  • Video game knowledge/awareness – You will need to know the differences between consoles and games etc. Also knowing what is suitable for hospitals, rough idea of what is good/terrible, knowing about games which need to be online or not.
  • Good physical stamina as the role does involve shifting lots of heavy boxes around!

Our current vault team will give you as much support as needed to get you started in the role so please don’t worry about not having every single thing nailed down!

Website Wizard
We are looking for someone to be in charge of all things website and to help make our design ideas for GWG a reality!

What you’ll be doing:

  • Maintaining and updating the GWG website.
  • Providing ideas for ways in which to keep our website fresh and as user friendly as possible.
  • Making sure our photos and graphics are internet and public ready.
  • Coming up with concepts and designs for any promotional material we may need.
  • Using your knowledge of design to elevate our public presence while knowing how to maintain and present the core message GWG.

Our website is built on WordPress so you will need to have experience using that as well as HTML coding. As we will also be requiring a level of design output, experience with Photoshop or similar is a must. We are also totally open to any expertise and new ideas you can bring to the table in regards to the website and design side of GWG.